Thursday, July 2, 2009

Life in the Wild, and Alan Dawrst

For many, especially those who raise livestock, the notion of animal liberation may seem a farce. These animals can either be raised as livestock (humanely or not) or will not exist (save for a few pets). The idea that they can be set is the wild just seems absurd, as this piece in The Onion illustrates.

What many people fail to consider is the possibility that animals in the wild suffer. From what I have seen in my own experience, and every wildlife documentary I have watched, life in the wild is not pleasant.

Which brings me to this brilliant young thinker, Alan Dawrst, who runs the Reducing Suffering blog. What is best are his essays , one of which concerns suffering in the wild.

Anyone who considers the natural wild the only place in which animals can live without suffering should be reading Alan Dawrst's work first.