Monday, August 3, 2009

Correcting Science

Researchers who claimed to find a link between red meat and colorectal cancer have now admitted that their study contained flaws and are writing a letter to the USDA stating so.

We will never know whether it was an honest mistake. What is known is that there is a small but vocal group who are determined to make meat a villian, or any other food produced from animals. If these groups become continually exposed as liars, they will soon become insignificant in the public's eye.

I have been a scientist for a few years and have learned that science is more about being honest than following the scientific method. The manner in which 90% of researchers and concerned citizens approach the issue of animal food production is embarrasing, because idealogy trumps honesty over and over and over.

But not at Ham and Eggonomics. Never, never, never.