Monday, August 10, 2009

New Friends To Ham and Eggonomics

The purpose of Ham and Eggonomics is to provide a friendly forum for farm animal welfare issues. It has always been my intent to include individuals in addition to myself from both sides of the debate. I would be heartened to see individuals express a diversity of views in an amicable matter, rather than throw insults at each other from different corners of the internet.

Soon there will be new contributors to the blog. A few consultants at HSUS have elected to contribute, and even Peter Singer has suggested he might contribute a few entries. However, I am still looking for some friends in the livestock industry to become part of the process.

I am hoping some individuals become co-administrators of the blog, but understand some people may only want to contribute a few pieces and that's it.

So get ready to hear from some new people, and if anyone out there is interested in becoming a partner with me, please let me know. And understand that I am not looking for a group of contributors with a common mission. If all contributors disagree, that is fine. So long as the discussion is friendly, the blog has achieved its mission.