Monday, June 15, 2009

Food Inc. Trailer

Today I watched a trailer of the new movie Food Inc, which you may watch below. I have only three comments I leave today.

(1) We should not find it surprising that many consumers are turned-off at the sight of "factory farms", even feedlots. Even though I wholly support the feedlot institution, I can understand why someone's initial reaction is disgust. Yes, they seek fame and money through deception, but I see so much of this that I have a hard time becoming emotional.
(2) I also saw with them on ABC News where they were basically arguing we should produce food like we did in 1905. Trent Loos, with wit, suggested they should make their movie like those who made movies in 1905--silent movies!
(3) Finally, at the end of the trailer below they tell you that "corporate agriculture" does not want you to see how food is "really" produced. I have seen everything that corporate ag is supposedly keeping confidential--everything--and it is not scary, it is not harmful. It is the normal progression of a sophisticated human society with a particular penchant for developing new technologies.