Thursday, June 18, 2009

Local Foods Week

Oklahoma recently claimed this week to be Local Foods Week in Oklahoma. I know that much of the push for local foods is due to a desire for fresh vegetables, and more importantly, that everyone eat fresher vegetables. In some ways it is nice that those who feel themselves more enlightened seek to share their beliefs in the form of encouraging local food.

The problem is that it is impossible for the human creature to mind her own business--absolutely impossible. Once it begins that a man named Jim or a woman named Jane believes her fellow citizens would be happier eating fresher vegetables, they cannot be content merely sharing their thoughts. At some point, they always seek the aid of government to force their views on others--always.

Consider Michael Pollan (who for those who know me, is my arch-enemy of sorts :) ), who in his push for fresh vegetables through local food has stated, And let's require that a certain percentage of that school lunch fund in every school district has to be spent within 100 miles to revive local agriculture." See this posting for more information.