Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Food Inc.

The new movie Food Inc., which is a Pollan-like take on food, is now showing.  There are sure to be some parts of the movie that are factually correct, though sensationalized.  It will surely show some animals who are suffering and farm animals being kept in cramped, nasty conditions.  There are some problems with our food, there is no doubt.  But if you want to truly understand what these problems are, from what I have read and seen, I would not encourage you to seek that understanding in this movie.  

The hatred of corporations by opposition to modern food production is naive and unenlightened. So is their hatred of food processing and the freedom of personal choice.  I wish there was a simulated world where we could put these individuals in charge just to demonstrate how little they really know and what a mess they would make.

Indeed, years ago Ayn Rand conducted such a simulation in her fiction, as I described a while ago here.