Thursday, June 18, 2009

Selling Cattle

Congress is once again trying to force feedlots to adopt marketing strategies which they do not wish to adopt and which will harm them. Roughly speaking, the bill only allow live-cattle to be sold on a cash basis. If a feedlot wants to enter a contract to sell her cattle in advance, and thus allow her to better plan her marketing and production scheme, she can no longer do so.

Cattle Network rightly points out that...

Yet it is cattlemen who originally asked for forward contract opportunities, cattlemen who founded many beef alliances and cattlemen who initiated agreements with many packers and retailers.

However, a few cattlemen who believe that their trouble in life is due to these contracts are making trouble for everyone.

I think that universities should not be able to hire professors on a contract basis. Professors should be auctioned off each year to the highest bidder. At no time should universities and professors be able to plan in advance where they will work. It only seems fair :)