Sunday, June 7, 2009


Welcome to Ham and Eggonomics, the blog companion to the upcoming book, Ham and Eggonomics, written by me and Jayson Lusk.

Within the farm animal welfare debate, the opponents tend to talk pass each other, resulting in no serious dialogue.  Animal advocacy groups point to battery cages and gestation stalls to illustrate the cruelty that can accompany factory-farm-style production.  The livestock industry, to illustrate their compassion, point to the cattle industry, usually telling stories of a farmer staying up all night to ensure a calf is delivered safely.  Both sides are telling a truthful story, but their failure to talk about the same topic leaves those on the outside confused.

The purpose of this side is to address comments made by all sides so that individuals who are serious about learning how the food they eat impacts farm animals can make better decisions.